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Club Championships Start Times

Well played to everyone who played in the 2016 Club Championships, great weather with some great scores.

Sundays Tee Times,

8.00 - Dan Stratton, Gerry dangerfield, Kevin Kearney

8.10 - Ben Clarke, Dave johnson, Peter Crawford

8.20 - Barry Mandy, Peter St John, Steve Clarke

8.30 - Jeff Baggott, Chris Pelc, Phil Penney

8.40 - Mick Miles, John Morris, Garry Woodhouse

8.50 - John Stratton, Mark Roxburgh, Colin Cavener

9.00 - Darren Stead, Terry Fleet, John Campbell

9.10 - Russell Parker, Dave Rose, Jim Gauld

9.20 - Graham Thomas, Harry Baker, Norman Setra

9.30 - Billy Campbell, Paul Scally, Steve Semple

9.40 - Rob Sandrey, Dave Stealey, Stu Clarke

9.50 - Aaron Stead, Chris Tappin, Jim Radford

10.00 - Darren Miller, Frank Skinner, Michael Kells

Good luck everyone.

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