Course Update

July 10, 2015


New Machinery ALERT!

2 Additions to our Fleet to Improve our Course!


We've just received delivery of a John Deere 2500B GREENS MOWER. The advantages of this new acquisition are;


- 11 blades on cylinder compared to our old mower with 8 so more cut per revolution with greater precision

- Rear power brushes to keep rollers clean and height more consistent plus groomers to help stand grass and speeds greens.


We've also received a John Deere 2500B TEES & APRONS MOWER


This machines has 7 precision blades  and is lighter than what we have ever had before.


We are confident that these two machines will raise the quality of our Greens, Tees and Aprons. 



On Going Works on the Course 

We're Working Tirelessly and We Hope you are Noticing the Difference!



1.       Spiked

2.       Disease sprayed

3.       Fertilized

4.       Wetting agent applied

5.       Rolling commenced



Bunkers have now been completed with edging, weeding, and destoning.


O.B Posts 

Posts to represent out of bounds etc. moved and cleaned and being painted



Aprons are being reshaped to give a better look to the course. We're confident our new machines will further enhance these curves and add definition to our course. 



Tees have been spiked again, fertilized and watered in.


New Recruitment 

 We now have a team of 7 staff that are young, energetic and motivated to learn. I'm sure our members will all help them feel welcomed to our warm club. 


We will continue to spike areas that are dry and with the help of the weather get some fertilizer on the aprons.

We will begin to verticut greens next week which we help true the surface and speed them up.


There is no doubt we still have a long way to go but with the help of KJ and the Orida Group we will no doubt make this club what it should always have been!


Many thanks


James skinner

Course manager

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